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On Boarding – Questions to Ask During the Learning Plan

Posted by lyndabell on April 29, 2010

Getting off on the right foot is crucial for new employees.  Many resources exist to help you get started right.  I have found The First 90 Days and YOU’RE IN CHARGE – NOW WHAT to be two of the most useful books on the process of on-boarding. 

If reading books is not enough for you and successful on boarding is critical in  your next role, consider seeking the advice of a career coach.  I had the good fortune to connect with Barbara Blake of Longview Associates during my job search.  Through thoughtful coaching Barbara has helped me prepare for the on boarding process.

In addition to Barbara’s coaching, I have put together a document combined from information in the two books previously mentioned.  This document is a quick reference of questions I plan to ask  during the informational interviews I will be holding with internal and external stakeholders during my first 90 day learning plan.

I  have posted the complete document on my Blog for your reference – I hope you find something that will help you in your own on boarding process.


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