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Building a Network

Posted by lyndabell on April 17, 2010

For people actively engaged in career transition or job search or actively working to build a business or sales leads, the value of a network is generally understood.  However, I have recently discovered that understanding of a need does not necessarily translate into action for meeting the need.

An example:  A friend of mine recently pointed out that when he meets someone frustrated by the results of their job search, the first thing he does is ask them how many connections they have on LinkedIn.  He further inquires about the particular groups and number of groups they participate in on LinkedIn.  He shared with me that he often finds those people disappointed in the results of their job search are often not connected to others individually or through groups.

After he shared his technique with me, I began to use his methodology and test his findings.  Interestingly, I uncovered similar results. 

I believe his advice is relevant not just for job seekers or those in career transition.  It is equally useful for those who are selling their services or promoting their business. 

Test yourself.  Are you participating in informational meetings with others?  Do you participate in associations and meetings outside your place of business?  When you do either of these, are you making connections with others and seeking actions you can take to help them?  Have you built a network through LinkedIn or some other social media site?  If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?


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